Baden-Württemberg International in China

The office of Baden-Württemberg International in Nanjing (Bw-i Nanjing) is the official representative office of the state of Baden-Württemberg in China.

Based on the long-term partnership between Baden-Württemberg and the provinces Jiangsu and Liaoning since 30 years, Bw-i Nanjing supports small and medium-sized companies in opening up their Chinese market. Besides, the optimal positioning and marketing of Baden-Württemberg as a business and science location is also one of our main working focuses. With our long-standing experience and comprehensive network of contacts from economic and political circles, we serve as a competent partner with concrete services for companies from Baden-Wuerttemberg who wish to set up and expand their business in China.

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The federate state of Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg is located in the southwest of Germany. Bordering France, Austria and Switzerland, it is located right in the heart of Europe. Baden-Württemberg is the third biggest state of Germany in terms of both population and land area. Not only many international renowned Global Players are based in Baden-Württemberg, but also thousands of small and medium-sized companies call this state their home. Thus, Baden-Württemberg is well known for innovation, invention spirit, a high productivity level as well as a low unemployment rate. With regard to economic level, it occupies an economic leading position in Germany and Europe. Thanks to the superior infrastructure, Baden-Württemberg offers an ideal access to the internal market of the EU.

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