• Excellence in research and innovation

    Baden-Württemberg reinvests 5.1 per cent of its gross domestic product back into research and development. This makes Baden-Württemberg the leading innovator in a comparison of the 97 EU regions. No other region in Europe invests so much money and effort in technology and innovation of new products and processes as Baden-Württemberg.

  • This degree of investment is paying off: Nowhere else in Europe - relative to the population count - are more patents registered than in Baden-Württemberg. Furthermore, the region has a high density of facilities for research and education.

    The region counts more than 70 Universities and more than 100 research facilities, including the Institutes of Max-Planck Society, the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg, the German Aerospace Centre, the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg and the Institutes of the Fraunhofer Society.

  • Baden-Württemberg is the region with the strongest innovation power within Europe. You can not only find a high density of research and development facilities, but also a high share of employees in future-oriented, high technology industries. This makes Baden-Württemberg a worldwide known centre of science and innovation.

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