• Regional Diversity

    Baden-Württemberg is a modern state of Germany with a global orientation. Culture also plays a significant role in local people’s daily life. The regions of Baden-Württemberg have very strong historical and cultural characteristics. Unspoiled natural scenery, a variety of traditions and festivities, no shortage of leisure facilities as well as excellent culinary enjoyment, all these make Baden-Württemberg a desirable place to live in.

Customs and traditions
  • Numerous customs and traditions are associated with carnivals in Germany. The carnivals in Baden-Württemberg involve festive parades, combining individual costumes, music, masks, and public street parties. People are traditionally celebrating before the liturgical season of lent starts. The main carnival events occur during February and March.

  • The Stuttgart beer festival, also called “Cannstatter Volksfest” is one of the biggest public festivity in Baden-Württemberg. It takes place every year during September and October in Stuttgart. Many attractions, beer tents and German snacks ensure a great entertainment. Many visitors wear traditional costumes like “Dirndl” and “Lederhosen”(leather pants).

Traditional costume of Black Forest
Night view of Stuttgart beer festival
Amusement items of Stuttgart beer festival
Black Forest Cake
Carneval parade in Rottweil
Cuckoo clock
Opera and theater
  • Baden-Württemberg is proud of its international renowned arts scene.

    The Opera of Stuttgart,one of the best opera houses in Germany, has already been awarded as “The Opera Of The Year” and “Opera Choir Of The Year” for several times in a row. The ballet in Stuttgart is also very famous as one of leading ballets in Europe.

    The amazing Festival Hall Baden-Baden is the largest of its kind in Europe. Since 1998, the venue hosts many cultural events, such as opera or classical concerts.

  • In addition, historical venues like the Heidelberg Castle sometimes present evenings with national and international artists.

    Both the Stuttgart State Theatre and the Karlsruhe State Theatre offer outstanding classical and contemporary theater performances.


  • Ballet
  • Theater Baden-Baden
Palaces and castles
  • The state of Baden-Württemberg is the home to many historical unique palaces and castles, which are open to visitors.

    For instance, the castle in Heidelberg attracts visitors from over the world. Besides visits to the historic buildings and ruins, the castle is also famous for the events which it hosts on a regular basis. Not less magnificent is the of royal residence of the Ludwigsburg palace. Visitors step back in time when walking through the noble rooms which preserve the original furniture and decorations.

  • Also the palaces of Schwetzingen and Weikersheim are unique. Especially the palace garden of Schwetzingen is a place for relaxation. The palace garden of chateau Weikersheim , displays the full splendour of its original baroque design.


  • Castle Solitude
  • Chateau Heidelberg
  • Lichtenstein Castle in Reutlingen
  • Schwetzingen Palace
  • Baden-Württemberg is a famous touristic region as well as a beloved holiday destination for people from all over the world. It is not only well known for its breath-taking nature scenery such as the Black Forest, Lake Constance, Schwäbische Alb etc., but also popular due to numerous historic spots and cultural attractions.

  • To find out more about the nature, culture, cuisine and touristic highlights in Baden-Württemberg, you may visit the official website of the state’s touristic bureau (Tourismus BW):


Beer and Brezel
Traditional food “Käsespätzle”
Traditional food “Maultaschen”
City Schwäbisch Hall
Black Forest Lake view
City Stuttgart
Todtmoos in Black Forest