Baden-Württemberg – where ideas work
Baden-Württemberg is the third biggest state of Germany. Located in the Southwest of Germany and right at the heart of Europe, it is one of the leading economic regions not only in Germany but also in Europe: Known for its innovative drive and inventive spirit, with a high level of productivity and low unemployment.
You can’t spell it, but you can like it!
Baden-Württemberg is not only home to many internationally renowned global players, such as Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, SAP etc., but also has thousands of successful small and medium-sized companies, the so-called “hidden champions”, which are often the global market leader in their own field.
One region, 1000 strengths
Baden-Württemberg is one of the most important economic centers
as well as the most innovative place in Europe.
Some facts and figures about Baden-Württemberg are as follows (2019).
  • GDP

    15.10% of German GDP
  • GDP per inhabitant

    Germany: 40800 EUR
  • Exports

    Export state No.1 in Germany
  • Export volume/inhabitant

    Germany: 15965 EUR
  • Research and development spending

    German average: 3.04% (in 2017)
  • Patents applied for per 100,000 inhabitants

    Highest in Germany
Diverse and attractive German Southwest
Baden-Württemberg is also famous for its beautiful landscape and diverse culture. Unspoiled natural scenery, a variety of traditions and festivities, no shortage of leisure facilities as well as excellent culinary enjoyment, all these make Baden-Württemberg a desirable place to live in.