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The Company Pool of bw-i Nanjing made it easier for machine builder Bleichert Automation to open up the Chinese market.

The company Bleichert Automation from Osterburken in Baden-Württemberg opened its subsidiary in Nanjing, China on November 12th 2014, together with its sister company ERS, thereby accelerating its internationalization. Baden-Württemberg International (bw-i) played an important role in this successful step through its subsidiary in Nanjing. Since June 2011, Bleichert has been a member of the bw-i Company Pool and took the opportunity to develop the Chinese market with a local representative. Over the past three years, Bleichert’s business in China has developed so positively that the company has decided to set up its own subsidiary. While Bleichert employed three employees via the Company Pool, the number of start-up companies in China has already grown to 10 employees.

“This growth shows the importance of the Chinese market for us,” says Anton Schirle, Managing Director of Bleichert. He expressly thanked the bw-i-China office in his speech on the occasion of the office opening: “Without the bw-i Company Pool, we would have had it much harder in China. During the past three years in the Company Pool, we were able to build up our business in a controlled manner and gain the necessary experience in China. The bw-i team in Nanjing gave us excellent support and we would like to thank them for that.”

Tobias Off, former Managing Director of the bw-i subsidiary in China, and Hang Li, former representative of Baden-Württemberg in China, were pleased about Bleichert’s success. “It is wonderful to see this step, after we were allowed to accompany Bleichert for about three years. It also becomes clear once again how bw-i is active in China and supports the Baden-Württemberg companies there, “said Off. Li added: “This successful market entry shows just how important the presence of Baden-Württemberg’s economic promotion on site is. We warmly congratulate Bleichert and wish its business in China continues would develop so dynamically as always. ”

Bleichert Automation is a company specializing in innovative conveyor systems, planning and construction of complete interlinking systems in the manufacturing and assembly sectors. The company headquarters is located in the north of Baden-Württemberg in Osterburken, a central location in the gathering place of leading German car manufacturers and suppliers. Overall, Bleichert employs around 400 people.
The bw-i Company Pool in Nanjing currently accommodates 18 companies from Baden-Württemberg who want to gain a foothold in China. In the Company Pool, each member company can have its own Chinese representative, who opens up the market for them. In addition, the bw-i subsidiary in Nanjing offers a range of other services to support Baden-Württemberg companies in China.

Bw-i Nanjing has not only supported Bleichert Automation during its time in the Company Pool
Even as the company became independent, bw-i Nanjing provided assistance in locating the new office. On June 7th 2018, Bleichert opened its new office in the Luhe district in Nanjing, to which bw-i Nanjing was also invited as an important guest. Ms. HUANG Yan, Company Pool Manager of bw-i Nanjing, was present at the opening ceremony.

Today, bw-i still acts as a first point of contact when it comes to general hurdles or contact mediation to authorities and offices. Bw-i Nanjing places great importance on sustainable care and supports companies with individual services beyond Company Pool membership in order to secure their existence on the Chinese market.

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