Interview “The withdrawal of foreign investment is more of a slogan, and multinational corporations are better off in China “with Bernhard Weber

Mr. Wang Haiping, reporter from Nanjing branch of the 21st Century Business Herald interviewed Bernhard Weber, Chief Representative of the State of Baden-Württemberg in China, General Manager of Baden-Württemberg International Economic and Scientific Cooperation (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. and Chairman of European Chamber of Commerce (EUCC) Nanjing Chapter on May 7th.

Mr. Weber said in the interview that China has obtained considerable achievements in the fight against Coronavirus. Now it seems that many multinational corporations are better off in China, which will prompt them to rethink their global layout. For European investors in and around Nanjing, their main markets are in China, so the epidemic has basically a limited impact on them. German companies have invested for many years in China, and we have always recommended them to quickly implement localization, or encourage other relevant enterprises on their supply chain to also invest in China, so as to reduce import dependence and avoid many other problems. Any multinational corporation will do its own analysis and carefully reconsider the configuration of its global supply chain.

Source: 21st Century Business Herald (Author: Wang Haiping, Editor: Li Bo)

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