Stammtisch Baden-Württemberg held in SGIP

The first Stammtisch Baden-Württemberg was held in Sino-German (Changzhou) Innovation Industry Park on Sept. 22nd, 2022, so as to further enhance the communication and mutual understanding between Baden-Württemberg enterprises and the representative office in China of Baden-Württemberg.

This event was organized by the representative office in China of Baden-Württemberg and supported by SGIP. 10 Baden-Württemberg enterprises joined the event. Kent Zhu, Director of the Administrative Office of Sino-German (Changzhou) Innovation Industry Park gave his welcome speech as the supporter of this event. Mr. Henning Vogelsang, the Chief Representative in China of Baden-Württemberg, introduced to the participants the cooperation history between Baden-Württemberg and Jiangsu, as well as that with Liaoning. Moreover, he introduced the functions of the Representative Office and the company pool of Baden-Württemberg International. Enterprise representatives introduced themselves and raised the issues they had during their development in China. Mr. Henning Vogelsang took notes of them. He stressed that facing the complicated international situation and repeating outbreak of COVID-19 cases, enterprises had to be prepared in advance by adjusting development strategies and plans, so that they could face various challenges with the hope for the best.

Several Baden-Württemberg enterprises in Changzhou deemed the challenges of COVID-19 and supply chain as the greatest challenges they met, as the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and the instability of supply chain challenged to a certain extent their production and development. As some enterprises mentioned the issue of international travel between China and Germany, the Representative Office in China of Baden-Württemberg would actively contact the state government for further assistance to the enterprises.

Mr. Henning Vogelsang said this was the first Stammtisch Baden-Württemberg, and in the future the Representative Office would hold series of events in sister provinces so as to further strengthen the ties with Baden-Württemberg enterprises in China.

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